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Mary: The First, and All Time Disciples of Jesus Until Today

Mary: All Time Disciple of Jesus, from the Beginning Until Today
Mary is the All Time Disciple of Jesus, she continuously makes disciples of God from the Beginning Until Today.

Mary is both the first and present disciple of God.

Here’s why . . .

Why Is Mary the first disciple of God

To answer the question why Mary is the first disciple of God let us first explore the word “disciple” and its meaning.

The word disciple was commonly found in the New Testament of the Bible. It refers to the personal followers of Jesus during his life here on earth. At the beginning of His ministry Jesus recruited 12 disciples who helped Him fulfill His earthly mission and who continued doing so even after He went back to heaven.

Why must Mary be called the first disciple

The above definition of “disciple” showed that Jesus’s disciples had given their life in service to Jesus. Mary has done what Jesus’s 12 disciples did. She had given Her life in service to Jesus’ to fulfill His mission on earth, and much, much more.

She was the Mother of Jesus. She was the virgin woman who bore Jesus in Her womb. She spent all Her life with Jesus from His birth up to His death, and from His resurrection up to His ascension to heaven.

Mary had been with Jesus and was always on Jesus side in all of Jesus’s earthly life. First of all She carried Jesus in Her womb for nine months. Then she tended to Him as a baby, as a toddler, as a young boy, and as an adult.

When Jesus was taken and tortured by His enemies Mary stood close by and  closely followed Him when He carried the cross to the place of His crucifixion. At Her Son’s crucifixion Mary was at the foot of His cross even while the other disciples had ran away in fear.

It is only fitting to say that Mary is truly the first  disciple of God. 

Why is Mary the Present Disciple of God

Up to this time Mary continued to bring God’s messages to the world, thus becoming a continuing disciple of God. Even though She had been assumed to heaven thousands of years ago She continued to reach out to the world. She had appeared in many places all over the world bringing God’s messages intended to bring God’s children who had lived according to the world back to God.

Mary has obviously continued to play the role of a disciple of God up to this day through Her many apparitions. Hence, She remains to be a present disciple of God.

Among Her many apparitions that we can consider as a continuing discipleship work on her part are the following: 

She appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531; to Thomas Michalek in Lezajsk, Poland in 1578; to four children in  Siluva, Lithuania in 1608; to a 17 year old girl in Laus, France in 1664; to St. Catherine Laboure in Paris, France in 1830;   to St. Bernadette in Lourdes, France in 1858; to three children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917; and many many more.

Her apparitions had inspired devotions, repentance, belief and change of hearts.

Given the above Mary is truly the first disciple of God as well as the present and continuing disciple of God.   

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